boutique chocolate mini bar

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boutique chocolate mini bar
boutique chocolate mini bar
boutique chocolate mini bar
boutique chocolate mini bar

These mini bars are the perfect size to enjoy yourself or to gift. Crafted by Wellington Chocolate Factory, using the finest organic, ethically sourced and traded chocolate of the highest quality. Each bar has its own distinct flavour and story to tell.  Crafted from bean to bar. 

Salted Caramel 70% Cacao. 
House-made brittle caramel and Marlborough sea salt atop our house-blend chocolate. Simple, sweet, delicious!  Chocolate details:  House blended cacao (Dominican Republic & Peru)
Paraguay Manduvira Co-operative Turbinado cane sugar. Gluten free.  Wrapper artwork by the immensely talented Gina Kiel.  Bronze Award at Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018.

The Solomon Islands 85% Cacao. 
Super creamy, rich and powerful. Notes of walnut, rye whiskey, and malt.Chocolate details:
Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, Trinitario cacao beans. 
Paraguay Manduvira Co-operative Turbinado cane sugar.  Vegan.   Wrapper artwork by the immensely talented Mica Still.

Raspberry Milk 45% Cacao. 
Combining the highest quality of cacao beans from the Mountains of Peru with pure organic milk from the green pastures of New Zealand and wonderful freeze-dried raspberries from Fresh As make for a deliciously smooth, wonderfully tart milk chocolate bar! 

Chocolate details:
Peru Noradino Co-operative Criollo cacao beans. 
New Zealand Organic Dairy Hub milk.
Paraguay Manduvira Co-operative Turbinado cane sugar.
Fresh As Freeze Dried Raspberries.  Gluten free and certified organic.  Wrapper artwork by the immensely talented Jordan Debney.  Silver Award at International Chocolate Awards (World Finals) 2018.
Bronze Award at International Chocolate Awards (Asia-Pacific) 2018.







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