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Ruby Plum & Raspberry Chocolate Bar

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Ruby Plum & Raspberry Chocolate Bar
Ruby Plum & Raspberry Chocolate Bar
Ruby Plum & Raspberry Chocolate Bar

It's finally here!!! We couldn't wait to get our hands on this stuff! House Of Chocolatge have created two amazing chocolate bars that really bring out the intense fruitiness, fresh and sour notes of this unique chocolate!

This bar is generously topped with freeze dried raspberries and freeze dried doris plum.

The Ruby Chocolate story: "One of our cocoa experts discovered that unique components, naturally present in cocoa beans, yielded chocolate with an exceptional colour and fruity taste.
It took the Callebaut chocolate makers over 13 years to unravel this secret from nature and identify the beans with which they could create the perfect RUBY recipe.
The RUBY beans thrive in cacao growing countries like Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast. They are exceptional for the typical precursors that evoke the RUBY colour and taste.
Only through expert selection and particular processing of the beans, RUBY chocolate reveals its unique sensory properties without any colourants or fruit flavourings."

This product is gluten free.


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