imbibe beauty miracle collagen powder 100ml

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imbibe beauty miracle collagen powder 100ml
imbibe beauty miracle collagen powder 100ml

The results speak for themselves, see below just some of the feedback we've shared from Imbibe's Miracle Collagen reviews

Can’t get enough.

"This is the one collagen product I keep coming back to. It has done wonders for my hair - even my hairdresser has commended on how thick and healthy the ends are and it is finally growing again!" - Anonymous

Great results

"I was referred to the Collagen powder by my beautician, I had tried other powders however they had a terrible taste so I stopped using them. Every morning without fail, my friends and family all know I have 2 spoonful's of the Collagen powder in my tea. Within weeks of starting the powder my hairdresser, beautician and friends were commenting on how glowing my hair and skin were, I am addicted, I do not miss a day of my Collagen miracle!" - Anonymous

Miracle Collagen

"The best type of powdered collagen I’ve tried!! Easily dissolved in water or food and doesn’t have the unpleasant taste most other “non flavoured” types do. Will buy again!" - Anonymous

Hair, skin and nails formula. Imbibe’s Miracle Collagen is scientifically formulated to plump and firm your skin from within. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and with age, collagen production slows. Its bio-active formula with 18 amino acids (both essential and non-essential) is scientifically designed to transform and stimulate collagen synthesis and skin elasticity from the inside out. 

How to Use:   There are 40 servings per jar. Add 1 scoop to any hot or cold drink or food of your choice every day. Fully dissolvable in hot or cold liquids and tasteless and odorless. Store under 30° C in a dry area. safe to take while breastfeeding.

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