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103: Tiare Flower, Jasmine And Hibiscus

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103: Tiare Flower, Jasmine And Hibiscus
103: Tiare Flower, Jasmine And Hibiscus
103: Tiare Flower, Jasmine And Hibiscus

Eau de parfum 103 : A sun-drenched flower

How about a walk along the beach, with hot sand and coconut trees ? 103 is the ultimate sundrenched scent ! It is sure to whisk you far away with its accords of tiare flower, hibiscus and white sand.

 The fragrance opens on top notes of fresh Italian bergamot and green Moroccan neroli. The heart reveals a sunny floral bouquet of frangipani and sambac jasmine, which lend character with their animalistic green and orange-tinged notes. The base of musk and vanilla forms a warm and milky trail that calls to mind the sweetness of monoï and soothing vacation memories.

 What is sambac jasmine ?

Two varieties of jasmine are mainly used in perfumery : Grandiflorum jasmine, which can be found in Grasse and Egypt, and Sambac jasmine, mainly grown in India.

 Sambac jasmine has a greener scent, while Egyptian jasmine is fruitier and sweeter. Grasse jasmine, meanwhile, is more jammy and petal-like. What distinguishes Sambac jasmine physically is its large number of petals, which greatly outnumber Grandiflorum jasmine’s five.

 What is monoï ?

 Monoï is a fragrant oil obtained by macerating tiare flowers in refined copra oil (from coconut). It is used as a massage oil to nourish skin and hair, as well as a tanning oil to stop skin from drying out in the sun (NB : it is not a substitute for sunscreen!).

 Monoï is a traditional product of the islands of French Polynesia.

 Where does neroli come from ?

 Neroli is the essential oil of the bitter orange flower. It is obtained by steam distillation. Many different extracts can be taken from this tree; bitter orange essential oil is extracted from the fruit, petitgrain essential oil from the branches and twigs, and orange blossom absolute from the flower, extracted using volatile solvents.

Spray onto pulse points like the wrists, neck, behind the ears, and the crook of the elbow to make your fragrance last longer.

Top notes are smelled during the first minutes :
› Bergamot : sparkling, floral, reminiscent of earl grey tea
 Broom : honeyed, hay, fruity
 Hibiscus : floral, exotic, solar
Middle note last for several hours :
› Sambac jasmine : greener, have a more orange blossom-like smell than the classic (grandiflorum)
 Neroli : bitter orange flower, floral, sweet
› Tiare flower : solar floral, smells like monoï
› Frangipani : solar floral, vanilla
› Apricot : fruity, velvety
Base notes can last for days :
› White Sand : smells of the beach, seaside driftwood
› Vanilla : addictive, round
› Musk : soft, comforting, cottony

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