aronui karearea earrings - pink

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aronui karearea earrings - pink
aronui karearea earrings - pink

Need a new look or change? The falcon spiritually carries a message of transition and change. Take flight with this powerful visionary bird representing fearlessness, wisdom, and kaitiakitanga.

  • Inspired by the need for change, to be fearless, versatile and adaptable like the kārearea
  • Aronui triangular pattern seen on the tail references the pursuit of knowledge about the natural world.
  • Diamond-shaped without the price tag, earrings size of 30 mm x 30 mm
  • Proudly handcrafted 3-dimensional NZ artwork on sterling silver hooks.
  • Check out the angled Kārearea head turned and protruding out giving you a bit of a side-eye!
  • The New Zealand Falcon or kārearea is one of our most threatened birds of prey with less than 8,000 birds remaining.  

  • Rarely seen and mistaken for the kāhu we need to be mindful and aware of what's happening around us and how our past persecutions and ecological factors leading to a decline in numbers. 

Each design comes in a keepsake jewellery box. Great for keeping your favourite designs and useful when traveling around Aotearoa or abroad.

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