daily dollop moisturiser

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daily dollop moisturiser

I’m a delicious and gentle face cream who will treat you just right. I’m nourishing food for your face, every day and every night!

 luxury active ingredients

jojoba | moisturising, oil balancing and smoothing
evening primrose | reduces redness, rejuvenates complection and anti ageing
vitamin e | treats dry skin dehydrated skin and anti-oxidising
lavender | smoothing, pore reducing, wrinkle and scar reducing
sweet almond | protects, heals and smoothens
patchouli | moisturising and anti ageing
tangerine | prevents sagging, oil balancing and awakening


how to use apply me lovingly to your freshly cleansed face and décolletage in the morning and at night.

 use me with mocha face wash whip, marshmallow mousse or oil cleansing syrup for gorgeously cleansed and moisturised skin.

 how to store store in a cool area with lid closed and away from sunlight.


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