wide pillar candles by Notre Vie

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wide pillar candles by Notre Vie

100mmD x 100mmH Burn time 80+ hours 

100mmD x 150mmH Burn time 100+ hours 

100mmD x 210mmH Burn time 120+ hours 

Ensure you place your candle in the approriate size Glass Hurricane Lantern, otherwise heat will reflect back onto the candle and cause it to soften and leak out the sides.

 Never burn a candle completely. Dispose of it when it gets to 2.5cms from the base.

​​Candles have a memory. Pillar candles should be burnt for one hour for every 2.5cms of diameter when you first light it. This prevents candles tunneling down the middle.

 Always trim the wick! It is so important to always keep the wick trimmed to 5mm.

Break off the hardened black wick before you light it.

 ​Burn times quoted on this website are minimums but they will depend on conditions. Remember your candle will burn faster and unevenly in a draught. 

For candles with a smooth finish that may be looking a little dull, a Lady's Nylon Stocking can be used to polish the surface.

 Most importantly, you need to light them - candles are designed to be enjoyed and to add sublime ambience to your home!