organic tea - minty ohm 15 tea temples

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mint ohn tea wairoa
organic tea - minty ohm 15 tea temples
organic tea - minty ohm 15 tea temples
organic tea - minty ohm 15 tea temples
organic tea - minty ohm 15 tea temples
organic tea - minty ohm 15 tea temples

Jacqui Wales started Libertine Blends in 2014 by blending delicious, organic tea – the kind that made her feel great and tasted delicious, the kind of tea she wanted to share with her family, enjoy in a cafe and gift to friends. To be a Libertine is to have a lust for life and she wanted to build a brand that was about more than tea, it was about nourishing yourself, and having the energy to see the joy in every day.

Blending tea starts with the knowledge that the right tea can shift the mood in a moment, and the vision that tea can be elevated beyond being a healthy choice to a welcome part of our busy routines. That they can be a way to love yourself first.

Teas and herbs are selected for both for their flavour and properties. Working with naturopaths, carefully exploring each blend over time, the range has developed into a range to suit every moment.

Libertine Tea range offers a range of hand crafted teas, in either loose tea or tea bag/temple offerings.  

15 tea temples 
Loose leaf tea is generously portioned into tea temples. 
Tea temples allow excellent infusion for optimum flavour and let our beautiful blends shine through as you can see the herbs, spices and premium quality tea. They are made of cornstarch and are commercially compostable. Perfect for busy moments or to take to work. Makes a giant cup or medium pot.



Native mānuka and lemon balm are a calming super-duo, and the refreshing fragrance of peppermint and stimulating qualities of rosemary help the mind to focus.

These herbs are cleansing as they contain high quantities of essential oils, and combine to support the liver as it filters and detoxifies blood as it circulates through the body

Beautifully balanced, this is a tonic for the body and mind.


A quenching blend to enjoy in the afternoon to calm and focus the mind. The balance of minty, clean flavours quell sweet cravings and cleanse the palate.

Created from organic and wildcrafted herbs. Contains no caffeine, gluten, dairy, sweeteners or flavourings.

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