coco-ma-nuts cashew butter

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coco-ma-nuts cashew butter
Introducing NZ’s Original Coconut Nut Butters!

CocoMaNuts combines only two ingredients to create this unique nut butter spread. Using only the finest quality coconuts from the Philippines and cashew nuts, CocoMaNuts is 100% natural, gluten free, keto friendly and vegan! 

All our jars are roughly 30% coconut flesh (that's right, not oil!) and the rest is the nuts. Our butters are so full of flavour that you'll find it hard to believe nothing else is added! We have ditched the stabilisers, salt, sugar and preservatives to offer you a sweet nut butter with a coco-nutty after taste!

It's perfect for toast, as a fondue, in smoothies and drizzled over pancakes - it even sets as a perfect hard-shell on ice cream! Give it a go in your next Thai or Malaysian style satay dish or simply devour straight from the jar.


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