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peperomia plant

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peperomia plant bloom n loco wairoa
peperomia plant wairoa

The Peperonmia Green (Peperomia obtusifolia) is a compact evergreen houseplant which grows to approximately 30cm in height. It has cute thick glossy cupped leaves.  It retains water within it's thick levels, which reduced the frequency it requires watering. 

For a bushier plant pinch tips through spring and summer months to encourage additional shoots to form.  Prefers to be kept in warmer temperatures, and way from drafts, in bright, indirect light.   Water from dry only. Leaf loss is a sign of over-watering.  Use a peat based soil. This plant has a small root base, therefore select a shallow pot to accommodate. Doing so will reduce the chance of water-logging the plant.   Feed once a year, through its growing season.

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