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Shower & Shaving Oil - Pump Glass Bottle

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Shower & Shaving Oil - Pump Glass Bottle

Neat's shower & shaving oil contains carefully selected oils, combined for their naturally beneficial properties, including those with high levels of Vitamins E & A. Oils to heal and protect the skin, reduce redness, prevent rashiness, and improve the appearance of skin while not clogging pores, making it a great option for anyone – men, women, and teens!

Neat's shower & shaving oil will leave you beautifully moisturised immediately after shaving, and ensures the razor glides over the skin with ease while also preventing red rashes & bumps along the way. Pour a 10cent piece size puddle of shaving oil into your hand, rub together and apply oil to the area you wish to shave, massage in, and then shave as normal!

Or simply finish your shower with some oil all over before a quick rinse, and towel down – leaving you feeling moisturised for hours after you shower!

The refreshing scent of orange is uplifting and nourishing for the skin, aiding the repair of damaged skin cells and promoting collagen reproduction – all things essential for beautiful healthy skin!

Top tips for a smooth shave

  • Ensure skin is wet and warm before starting, cold skin will knick fast!
  • Make sure the area you're shaving feels oily to touch once the oil is applied - if it's not a bit slippery you may need more oil.
  • Don't shave on dry skin, always use water
  • Use a clean and sharp razor

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