syngonium pixie plant

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syngonium pixie plant
syngonium pixie plant

Syngonium, also known as Arrowhead Plant - are a bunch of lovely foliage plants originating from tropical South and Middle America. A semi tropical vine, they can climb a pole or trail down. They come in a range of colours from neon green to dusky pink. Part of our Air So Pure range, they also cleanse the air of its impurities too.


These plants do well in low-to-medium light settings and thrive in bright, indirect light.Being a semi-tropical plant they prefer warm, humid conditions. 


The soil should be kept lightly moist during Spring and Summer, slightly drier during the Autumn and Winter months. Don't allow the soil to completely dry out. Fertilise on a regular basis during the Spring and Summer.

Presented in a plastic 12cm nursery pot. 

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