PRE ORDER the marvelous monstera plant

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PRE ORDER the marvelous monstera plant

The Monstera Deliciosa has been a iconic plant for many generations. With it's rapid growth and forgiving nature, and the look of that beautiful foliage, it is no wonder it's loved by many. It also has the ability to grow tall as a climbing plant, or be grown wide as a trailing plant. This creates a degree of versatile making it the perfect plant to fill any space in a home. 

Add a vanlier pot as shown in the picture for $15 (instore only, or give us a call to create an online code for you)

  • Habitat: Likes a warm humid environment.

  • Light: Bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn the plant.

  • Water: Prefers to be kept lightly moist.

  • Soil: A free draining soil type is recommended.

  • Fertiliser: Throughout its growing season.

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