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this is us art - black

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this is us art - black

Premium steel artwork from Lisa Sarah, made in Aotearoa.

'this is us' artwork measures 45cm diameter and is cut from high grade NZ steel and finished in electro coated matte black. suitable for outdoor use. inspired by families and the importance of just being yourself.

hanging and care:

 Work from Lisa's collections come ready to hang either using 12mm deep aluminium hanging blocks (attached to the back of artwork) or hemp rope. These make the artwork "pop" out from the wall for added impact.

 Art can be hung using screws, nails, hooks, liquid nails or 3M picture hanging strips (indoors only), not included.  Art should be hung using the longest hanging block on the back of the artwork.  This is the load bearing hanging block.  If hanging in a windy area, art can be stabilised with Liquid Nails or blutack on the smaller hanging blocks.  Please ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the appropriate number of screws or hooks, dependent on the size and weight of your art.

Hanging artwork, with rope, is intended to be hung on a hook or wall dot (using the hemp rope).  Length of the artwork can be customised to your space by tying the hemp rope in different ways. 


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