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Umbrella Tree Plant

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Umbrella Tree Plant
Umbrella Tree Plant

The Schefflera Alpine is also known as the Umbrella tree because of its palmate evergreen leaf structure. Being a plant with air-purifying properties it is a perfect addition to help create a healthier home, as well as being a hardy and forgiving indoor Pot Plant.

Habitat:  Can grow up to 2m tall. Requires pruning to maintain your preferred plant height.

Light: Position in a spot with medium to bright, indirect light.

Water: Prefers moist, but not wet soil. Wait until the soil is dry before watering.

Fertiliser: Feed your plant once a year in spring.

Symptoms & Side effects: Black or yellow dropping leaves indicate over watering, wrinkly leaves indicate it being too dry. Leggy, floppy or sparse leaf growth can indicate inadequate lighting and a need for a brighter spot.