woodsage and sea salt large saison candle by Notre Vie

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woodsage and sea salt large saison candle by Notre Vie

Notre Vie means ... Our Life.

Manufactured in the remote northern area of the Hawkes Bay region, one of New Zealand's most scenic, warmest and beautiful coastal areas - their passion for their business matches its surroundings. The area is abundant with Roses and Citrus Fruits that fragrant the air which in turn, evolve into their creation process.

Notre Vie revolutionised candle fragrances in NZ many years ago with their unique, sophisticated and innovative blends.

They've replaced fragrances with Perfumes, specifically designed to blend with their wax formula and have recreated some of the world's most recognised perfumes with a unique twist. 

Notre Vie’s wax has a buttery cream density which lends ideally to heavenly fragrance concentration and an even, consistent burn. Their candles use the most sophisticated and innovative perfumery concepts blended with traditional timeless designs.

Each candle is carefully measured per gram utilizing the purist of natural materials.
Six specifically chosen ingredients combined with alluring scents blended together with a pure cotton wick.

These six specifically blended waxes are designed to ensure a brighter whiter flame using natural ingredients that are a renewable resource. Incorporating natural vegetable oils provides the creamiest opaque colour, Olive Oil provides the richness of the flame and beeswax concludes the aromatic senses

150mm high with an 80 hour burn time

All pillars are 75mm wide. 

Woodsage & Sea Salt (with Tiffany Blue label)

Deep base notes of musk followed by an intoxicating twist of sea salt. Floral, powdery and heady, mingling with the fragrance of the East Coast

Family: Musk/Floral



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