zanzibar gem plant

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zanzibar gem plant
zanzibar gem plant

A plant of distinguished features, the Zanzibar Gem stands out from its counterparts with its unique spiral structure and high gloss, deep green foliage, that grows 60-90cm tall. Awarded House Plant of the Year, the Zanzibar Gem is resilient against drought, neglect, dry air, low light and bugs! Impressively, the Zanzibar Gem also acts as a bio-filtration system that works to purify the air. 


General Care instructions:

Habitat: A herbaceous plant growing 45-60cm tall. A larger pot may be needed with the old one becomes too tight.

Light: bright indirect light but can handle low light.

Water: Drought tolerant, so watering once a month is plenty.

Fertiliser: Add a slow release fertiliser to the pot in Spring

Due to the seasonal and market availability of flowers, we may source a beautiful alternative. If you would like us to use particular flowers or wrappings, please request this in the delivery instructions box in the checkout process. 

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