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501 Eau De Parfum - Gourmand

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501 Eau De Parfum - Gourmand
501 Eau De Parfum - Gourmand

From Bon Parumeur, in France. Bon Parfumeur is a traditional perfumery dedicated to developing each scent in a Paris studio using exceptional ingredients.

Eau de parfum 501 - Gourmand Intense (Praline, Licorice, Patchouli).

This fragrance is a burst of sparkling and citruses top notes. The heart notes reveal spicy scents and praline biscuits. Red fruit facets develop. Then, powdery iridescent notes take the lead. The vanilla note and white musk assert their character in the wake of this fragrance.

Bon Parfumeur is committed to creating responsible and cruelty-free products. Each ingredient has been carefully examined to meet the highest health and safety standards. Special attention is paid to packaging to reduce its environmental impact.
They strive to use the best ingredients derived from natural sources, and don't add any dyes or UV filters to their perfumes. They are naturally beautiful!
The perfumes come in 100% recyclable glass bottles.

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