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Botanical Omni Balm - Blush

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Botanical Omni Balm - Blush

Looking for radiant, nourished skin? Our multi-use balms are a natural alternative
to traditional lipstick & blush, highlighters and creams.

Made with botanical ingredients and essential oils that truly benefit your skin, OMni beautifully scented versatile multi-use balms for lips + cheeks & more are perfect for use all year round. 

Use your OMni balm to nourish and restore dry skin, whether you want to repair & rehydrate, or gently exfoliate & nourish. You'll just love their hydrating and soothing actions, delicious scents, incredible skin feel, and sweet hints of colour. Which balm will you choose?

Tips for use: 

Apply a generous amount to your lips or cheeks. Use a dabbing technique or light short brush strokes. Layer it up to add more colour or massage in for a lighter hue. 
The more you massage, the more transparent the colour becomes ... hence the name "blush".
It doesn't stain, so you can massage any excess in your cuticles or hands or on any dry patch until absorbed to nourish dry skin for an extra little dose of OMni love.

NB. BLUSH is the tinted version of the gorgeous NOURISH balm.


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