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Growth Technology Silica - 250ml

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Growth Technology Silica - 250ml

GT Silica is a concentrated blend of silicic acid and potassium hydroxide , known as potassium silicate, which is considered the superior form of silica for plants.

Plants deposit silicon in their cell walls, which in turn strengthens them, acting as a barrier between the inside of the plant cell and the environment.

The stronger this barrier, the better a plant can resist attacks from insects and fungi and also the increased cell wall rigidity gives better tolerance to heat- and water stress.

Another major benefit of silicon is that it can help to slow/prevent the browning on variegated leaves. It helps strengthen the variegated parts of their leaves which lack chlorophyll.

A common problem with variegated Monstera is browning. Like Ficus Tineke, Marble Queens, Manjula Pothos and more before are naturally more prone to browning when stressed.

Adjusting to a big change in conditions - such as bringing a new plant home or repotting can be very stressful for plants. GT Silica can be added to any GT fertiliser or used by itself to protect and strengthen plants, especially when under stress.
One benefit of silica is it helps prevent browning caused by stress.
Especially useful for variegated plants, and for all other indoor plants.

Use GT Silica used along side your regular GT fertilizers every time you water. The solutions can be mixed together. Silica is concentrated, so a little really does go a long way. 

Size: 250mL bottle

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