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Manjula Pothos - 14cm

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Manjula Pothos - 14cm
The Manjula Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is one of the newer varieties of variegated Pothos.  The Manjula has larger leaves and is better described as a cross between a Marble queen and the colouring of an N'joy. A distinctly beautiful variety with white and green patches on the leaves, these are a trailing plant that can spill over the edge of a shelf in a beautiful cascade.
  • Habitat: It has a compact and cascading growth habit. Pinch to make busy
  • Light: Prefers bright, indirect light, to maintain the defined variegated swirls. Direct light will burn the leaves.
  • Water: Let soil dry down before watering. Avoid overwatering. 
  • Soil: A well draining potting mix is recommended. 
  • Fertiliser: Every six months with a general indoor plant fertiliser. 
  • Toxic: Should not be consumed by animals or humans. 

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