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Peperomia Rocca Verde 12cm

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Peperomia Rocca Verde 12cm
The Rocca Verde is a cascading Peperomia boasting a mix of light and dark green leaves with beautiful stripe-like veining. The stems will grow long and trail over the edge of the pot making it a lovely hanging plant. 
  • Habitat: Prefers warm conditions with average humidity. Keep out of draughts or air conditioning. 
  • Light: Likes bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight may burn leaves. 
  • Water: Allow top two inches of soil to dry before watering.  
  • Soil: Happy in a bark/peat-based soil mixed with an orchid mix to create a free-draining medium.
  • Fertiliser: Will benefit from the application of a balanced plant fertiliser during peak growth periods. 


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