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The Stingray Plant

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The Stingray Plant
The Stingray Plant

If you are looking for the ultimate spectacle of leaves and stems, the Alocasia Stingray is perfect. With its unique foliage that resembles its namesake this plant will enhance any room. This cute small plant will grow it into a stunning large grade plant while enjoying it at every stage of its growth.

The stingray plant follows the Alocasia family traits where it will thrive only when kept in its ideal conditions. Less than ideal conditions may result in marks on the leaves or potential leaf loss.

  • Habitat: The Stingray is a fast-growing plant, although it will hibernate in cooler temperatures. 
  • Light: Prefers bright indirect light and warmer temperatures. 
  • Water: Likes slightly moist soil, don't let the soil dry out, or overwater. 
  • Soil: Loose well-draining soil is recommended. 
  • Fertiliser: Once a month during spring and summer. 

Your plant is presented in a 12cm plastic nursery pot, dressed with giftwrap, and nestled in a plant box.  NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING - PICK UP ONLY. 

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