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Tupuārangi Ngutu Kākā Green Solid - Nichola

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Tupuārangi Ngutu Kākā Green Solid - Nichola

This collection is based on the star Tupuārangi (male), one of the stars in the Matariki Constellation. Tupuārangi is similar to Tupuānuku (the star of all cultivated and uncultivated food products) in terms of its connection to food and growth; however, in this instance he is associated with food that comes from the sky. Tupuārangi is linked to nga manu (birds). For this collection we drew inspiration from the manu, the kereru, the  Kākā and the kāhu. We have also used the overall theme of Tupuārangi as a hunter of birds. This earring is our Ngutu Kākā design based on the beak of the Kākā bird.

DIMENSIONS: 30 mm x 65 mm
HOOKS: Silver plated (NF) hooks
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: We recommend you care and gently handle your items, treat them like the taonga (treasure) they are. When cleaning, use a damp cloth and let air dry.

A natural creative all her life Nichola Te Kiri, founder of the company, explores narratives drawn from the environment around her as well as her heritage and upbringing. Curiosity and innovation, drive Nichola to go beyond the normal expectation always striving to produce quality products with excellent service. 

From small humble beginnings of polymer clay and bead earrings to mixed media pieces, Nichola continually evolves her designs and mediums to push her boundaries and raise expectations. 

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