wool dryer balls

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wool dryer balls

Add three dryer balls to your tumble dryer to significantly reduce drying time & save on energy costs. SHEEP-ish dryer balls absorb moisture & separate laundry allowing hot air to circulate more freely. Not only will your laundry dry faster, wool dryer balls reduce static & naturally soften fabric. Place on the windowsill to air- dry between loads.

  • Extra Large size, meaning bigger air pockets around clothes and better absorption which significantly reduces drying time
  • Highest quality fibre at 29 micron, therefore holding their shape and not shedding fibres onto clothing
  • 100% NZ Wool
  • Ethically handmade in Nepal
  • Detailed user instructions tastefully printed on each bag, making them a wonderful gift

The dryer balls come as a set of three balls in a cotton draw string bag. 

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